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Jewelry is my self-expression tool. It is my way of communicating. It's where I can be free. My jewels are the result of a long creative process influenced by everything that surrounds me, from everyday life to personal experiences. A subway trip, a strange lighting coming through my window, other artists in New York ... everything inspires me. I enjoy breaking down concepts until they become minimalist pieces with a strong meaning. It is in my studio where I can express myself with my own voice. It is my favorite place. My playground. My corner of the world where I can break the rules.

I am also a violinist, a profession that I developed together with musical and art teaching. Previously, I dedicated myself to interdisciplinary shows production. I have always lived surrounded by art and artists. When I was little I was very creative. I enjoyed creating playdough cities in the lid of the bucket toys, discovering that a cereal box was much more than that. For me, art is a lifestyle and everything has the potential to be art.


ANH Studio is a sustainable jewelry brand by Alba Navarro Hierro, created halfway between Barcelona and New York. The company was founded in 2016 in Brooklyn, where the artist has her studio. Alba is an independent designer. She personalizes every order on demand. All the pieces are handmade with recycled metals in the studio, from the beginning of the creation process to the packaging. Every jewel is delivered with an illustrated postcard made by an artist. The whole process is very personalized and hand-crafted.

The artist controls the whole artistic process. She understands the brand as an interdisciplinary project where different arts are mixed: the jewel creation, the 

brand’s creative direction and the collaboration with New York artists for styling, photography and modeling.

ANH Studio is committed to improve the state of women and believes firmly in feminism, therefore purchasing one of the Little Climbers you are contributing to the United Nations Trust Fund to end violence against women.



The artist Alba Navarro Hierro was born in Tarragona in 1987. She began her musical studies at the age of 8, at the Tarragona Conservatory of Music. In 2006 she moved to Barcelona to study a degree in violin performance at the Liceu Conservatory of Music, where she graduated in 2010. She toured Europe with different orchestras and with her string quartet, Quartet Argent. At the same time, Alba is a violin teacher activity that she has developed for many years.

Aiming to become professional in the field of multidisciplinary creation and cultural management, she enrolled to the Official Master's Degree in Music as Interdisciplinary Art from the University of Barcelona and the Superior School of Music of Catalonia between 2011 and 2013.

In 2011, she started together with the violinist Maria Amorós the entertainment company Mots de Fusta. They have produced interdisciplinary shows that have been hosted in prestigious venues and schools around the country. She has collaborated in the creative and interpretive part in various interdisciplinary projects under the direction of Dra. Magda Polo. These projects have been showed in prestigious venues such as Contemporary Culture Center of Barcelona, the FAD (Promotion of the Arts and Design of Catalonia) or Sala Moritz.

Jewelry began as a hobby in Alba's life, a meditative way of approaching her most creative personality. As a child she created custom jewelry and jewelry made with guitar strings along with her sister. Finally, in 2014 she decided to undertake studies in this field and she enrolled in the Perill Studio in Barcelona, one of the best artistic jewelry studios in Barcelona. After finishing her education, she decided to start her brand and create her own designs.

In 2016 she moved from Barcelona to Brooklyn to learn from New York artistic movements and get involved in the Big Apple cultural diversity. After moving to Brooklyn, she created her company, ANH Studio.

In 2017, she designed her first collection "When Jewelry Meets Art" which had a good reception and was featured in prestigious magazines such as Vogue Spain, Elle Spain, El Periódico, D'scene Magazine, Officiel Mexico, Harper's Bazaar Serbia, Glamor Spain and Design Dcene.



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